Saint Luke School develops the whole child, body, mind and spirit. We recognize the potential inherent in each student, and we encourage our students to dream, share their goals, and believe in themselves. To this end, Saint Luke School provides assistance in educating students with special learning needs. The Learning Center serves as an educational resource for our students, their parents, and classroom teachers.

The Learning Center provides:

  • One-on-one instruction
  • Small group instruction
  • In-classroom support
  • Student Assistance Team Meetings
  • Implementation of classroom strategies and interventions
  • Coordination of educational testing both privately and through the county
  • Coordination of services brought to students by private providers

The Learning Center is staffed with two professionals who specialize in providing academic support for students to realize their full potential while accessing the curriculum based on their individual needs. They work closely together along with the guidance counselor, principal, and classroom teachers to provide students with a nurturing environment.