OUR PROMISE: To fortify our goal of academic excellence at Saint Luke School, classrooms and instruction will always value and adhere to its four basic tenets: Differentiation, Academic Excellence, Engaged Students, and Catholic Identity.


  • Employing multiple modalities and instructional strategies
  • Embracing flexible and responsive instruction
  • Promoting student choice and encouraging student responsibility
  • Ensuring all children can learn and be successful
  • Creating opportunities for maximum learning and progress for each student

Academic Excellence

  • Promoting problem-solving, creating, analysis and reporting
  • Cross-curricular integration and real-world application
  • Supporting cognitive and metacognitive development
  • Fostering student accountability
  • Facilitating academic stretching and risk-taking

Engaged Student

  • Innovative and inspired instruction
  • The use of interesting and authentic materials
  • Establishing relevance and connections to students’ lives
  • Curriculum incorporates student input
  • Establishing and communicating clear objectives for student learning

Catholic Identity

  • Teaching and learning are joyful
  • God is in every person and present in all areas of teaching and learning
  • Providing a safe, supportive, and respectful learning environment
  • Making God known, loved, and served
  • God is our guide as we teach and lead children to their full potential