Our H.E.A.R.T. Code of Conduct Program

The Code of Conduct is based on the Gospel message of Jesus. Growth in self-discipline, a responsibility for Catholic moral values and a loving respect for the rights of all persons is encouraged and nourished by the Code of Conduct. To achieve these ends, parents, faculty and students work together to create a safe and caring environment for all students and staff. Students will abide by the following behavioral expectations, inspired by our core values: H.E.A.R.T.



I will be honest and committed to integrity while adhering to all school policies.


I will treat others as you would want to be treated; help each other achieve.


In support of achievement, I will not stop the teacher from teaching, and I will not inhibit another student from learning.


I will be respectful toward all teachers and adults, respectful to school property, and speak respectfully to and about others.

Trust in God

I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects the Catholic values and principles of the school.