Application Fees

K-8 Application Fee $250
Preschool Application Fee $150

Registration Fees

K-8 Registration Fee $300
Preschool Registration Fee
(Full-Day Pre-K)
Preschool Registration Fee
(Half-Day 3-year old Program)

K-8 Tuition

1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child
Catholic, Registered Parishioner $9,555 $7,350 $7,350 $6,690
Catholic, Non-Registered Parishioner $11,865 $8,015 $8,015 $8,015
Other Faith/Private Payer $14,175 $14,175 $14,175 $14,175

Preschool Tuition Per Child

2-Day: 3 yrs. old (Half-Day) $4,150
3-Day: 3 yrs. old (Half-Day) $5,485
5-Day: 3 yrs. old (Half-Day) $8,155
5-Day: 4 yrs. old (Full-Day) $10,765

If a student withdraws from Saint Luke School from July through December, 50% of the tuition must be paid. After December, 100% of the tuition is due.

To qualify for the St. Luke In-Parish rate, a family must be registered parishioners as of November 1st of the previous year. For example, to qualify for the In-Parish rate for the 2020-2021 school year, a family must be registered in the parish by November 1, 2019. A family must continue to demonstrate active involvement in parish life and financial support of the parish.

Payment Options

Option #1 Enroll in Smart Tuition and pay
10 monthly installments
(Payments begin July 1)
Option #2 Pay in full by June 1, to SLS,
to qualify for 2% discount

Additional/Optional Fees

Yearbook Fee $40
Milk/Juice Fee (K-8) $225
Milk/Juice Fee (Full-Day Pre-K) $195

(All fees are per child and are non-refundable. Checks should be made payable to Saint Luke School.)
Questions? Please contact the Business Manager at 703.356.1508 or via email at