The objective of the science program at Saint Luke is to afford all students (K-8) the opportunity to explore the world around them through scientific inquiry. It is a hands-on, fully integrated program that is entirely lab-based. Students in elementary (K-2) and intermediate (3-5) grades explore Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences. Students in Middle School (6-8) concentrate their area of study to Earth Science (6), Life Sciences (7), and Physical Science (8).

The student will:

  • Cultivate a love, curiosity, respect, and stewardship of God’s infinite creation.
  • Recognize we share the responsibility to respect the sanctity of all human life and the dignity of the human person.
  • Develop scientific inquiry skills to be used both in individual and cooperative learning environments.
  • Maximize hands-on opportunities for students to explore, discover, and experience the universe.
  • Use scientific materials and equipment.
  • Incorporate mathematical tools to organize and interpret data.
  • Integrate technology to prepare students to be able to effectively succeed in today’s society.
  • Achieve scientific literacy and an understanding of the role science plays in our daily lives through utilization of cross-curricular instruction.

Recognizing the important of science in the aforementioned objectives, students at Saint Luke participate in an annual Science and Engineering Fair. Students in grades K -1 submit class projects and students in grades 2-8 submit individual projects. Winners of the Middle School competition move on to compete in the Diocesan Fair sponsored by the Arlington Diocese.