In accordance to our commitment to S.T.E.M., Saint Luke School provides a minimum of 60 minutes of mathematics instruction per day for students in grades K-5 and 45 minutes per day for grades 6-8. There is considerable emphasis on the integration of mathematical concepts in the science and technology curriculum. In addition, students are assessed using Accelerated Math and Terra Nova standardized testing. In keeping with the National Council of Mathematics Guidelines, all students are taught to use calculators. In the fall of 1995, the students began to use calculators for designated portions of their standardized tests.

The normal progression of math places the emphasis on multiplication tables in the third grade. The primary thrust of fourth grade math is long division, as well as two and three digit multiplication. The four operations of fractions are in the fifth grade and the conceptualization of decimals is taught in the sixth grade.

The Middle School mathematics curriculum offers the following programs:

  • Mathematics 6 for all sixth graders
  • Introduction to Pre-Algebra and Pre-Algebra for seventh graders
  • Introduction to Algebra I and Algebra I for eighth graders

To increase interest in mathematics and problem solving skills, students are given the chance to participate in contests such as the American Mathematics Competition, Virginia Math League, and the Oakcrest Math Bowl. Saint Luke School has been the winner of the Oakcrest Math Bowl five of the seven times that the competition was held at the Oakcrest School. Every year several middle school students make it to the Honor Roll of AMC-8 (American Mathematics Competition) and participate in AMC 10 High School Mathematics Competition. One hundred percent of our Algebra I students enter advanced math level courses in prestigious high schools around the metropolitan area.